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A Sweet Farewell

Yesterday was our last day at Woodlawn Baptist Church.   They had a sweet farewell for us after Sunday night worship service.  Sorry the picture isn’t very good, I took it with my phone – but here is a picture of the cake that they had for us.

We also had one last lock-in for the youth on friday night.  The parents went in together and presented Tom with this :

Then later on in the night the youth gave us a gift to further our ministry!

We’re SUPER excited to begin learning Spanish so that we can reach more people for the Lord!

And just one more picture – I captured this on our way into church :

 Isaac wanted to hold Uncle Dan & Daddy’s hands when he crossed the parking lot 🙂

We will be busy packing this week – I will do my best to take numerous pictures – this time with my camera not my phone, I promise.  I will do my best to keep everyone updated on our journey through our blog here.  Our “WallaceWay Photography” Official Website is currently in the works – for now this blog will serve a dual purpose!  😀

Please continue to pray for our family  and the ministry that God has called us to serve.